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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

[choi] one of my favorite animal

In the world, there are a lot of animals. Animals have a food chain. I especially, like the top of the food chain. There are tigers, lions, and so on. One of my favorite animals is a tiger for several reasons. First, tigers are very courageous, tough, and strong. Tigers look handsome so many Korean people like tigers. A tiger is the symbol of Korea. Second, tigers are more active than any other animal. For example, lions almost always sleep all day. However, tigers are very active. Actually a tiger is stronger than a lion. Third, tigers are very clever and gentle. For example, when tigers fight with lions, tigers hit only the front. A tiger never hits the back. However, other animals hit at random. So this is my reason that I like tigers. As a result, tigers have a lot of attractive behaviors and are a symbol of Korea. So one of my favorite animals is a tiger.


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