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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My last day in my home country

Someone asked me, “which do you like better America or Korea?” I will say, “like Korea, because Korea is my home country.” Of course, I like America too. However I have some reasons that I like Korea much more. First, Korea is more comfortable than America. I have lived in my country for a long time. I live in America now but I do not know much about American culture, and language, and so on. So, this is a little uncomfortable to live in America. However, I know everything about Korea. Such as, Korean culture, food, language, and each person’s character. So, there is not problem to live in Korea. Second, I think America does not have humanity between person. This is because of America has a lot of formal greetings. So this is very strange for me and I do not know much about American culture. I want to study more English to know American culture. Third, just I miss my country, my parents, my friend. Especially I really want to see my girlfriend. Finally these are my problem to want to go back to my country. As a result my all kind of important thing is in Korea. So I like my country and I love my country.


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