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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My first day in Carbondale

Yeo Sim
My first day in Carbondale was interesting. First, I had seen many trees, birds, and squirrels. I felt the nature. I didn't felt the nature in Seoul. I think that Carbondale is peaceful and green. Just at that moment, I was tired because I flew from Korea for about 20 hours. I had to rest.  Second, I had eaten a variety of American food. For example, pizza, hamburger, potatoes and soda. I originally like American food. I especially like Starbucks coffee. Third, I saw half-naked people, in spite of strong wind. There aren't half-naked people in Seoul. For this reason, many Koreans felt awkward to be exposed. Therefore, I was surprised. Finally, I had to greet strangers. In my country, many people don't greet strangers. So, it is a marvelous experience. I had a pleasant time. My first day in Carbondale was very exciting and happy.


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