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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My first day in Carbondale

Soojin Jang
My first day in Carbondale was protected by God. At first, my family arrived at St. Louis airport. We were very tired. Then, I realized that I left my bag on the plane. I asked clerk at the information desk for help to look for my bag. Fortunately, I found my back at the boarding desk. My parents went to the new house with their friends by car. My brother and I had to go by another car, because there were many bags and many people. Next, we went upstairs to ride B.A.R.T. (a type of big taxi) that we called. However, we missed the B.A.R.T. car that loaded our bags. The B.A.R.T's driver forgot to get us. We were embarrassed. Just at that time, when we stood in front of the door, a woman who was in her car called us. She called my friend in Carbondale after listening to our story. In addition, another B.A.R.T's driver who stood beside us called her company to look for our B.A.R.T. We felt at rest by their kindness. We thanked them for their help. Then, after one hour, the B.A.R.T driver came back to pick us up. The driver apologized to us about his mistake.
We talked about many things of America while we were coming home. He told us about his family, his job and living in America. It was a very long distance from St. Louis to Carbondale. When we arrived at home, the sky was dark. We were very tired but very thankful to God. We were helped by many people from our first day in Carbondale. In conclusion, my first day in Carbondale was very long, embarrassing but exciting. I'll never forget that lucky day.


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