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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Choi's first day in Carbondale

When I was in Korea, I wanted to come to Carbondale so I had high expectation about Carbondale. On the first day, when I arrived in Carbondale, I went to a hotel with my uncle, and arranged my many bags and I looked around Carbondale.There were many good places, good air, and very interesting customs. I felt alittle strange but I liked that and I was very excited to see these new sights. The second day, I checked into my dorm. I had to go Wal-Mart because I needed to get a refrigerator,microwave, and so on. When I finish my shopping, I came back to my dorm and I called my family. My mother was very worried about me but I said my mother "am ok, don't worry". Also I was very lonely but I had to endure. On the third day, I went to orientation for CESL class. Also, I was a little worried, but there were many kind people so I felt very comfortable. These are my stories in Carbondale. Finally I think Carbondale has good places so I want to see all these good places and I want to go to other beautiful places in the USA.


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