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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A dog is the best friend of human

A dog is my favorite animal for several reasons. First, dogs are the most friendly of animals to humans. Since early times, dogs have lived with people in their house. Second, a dog's face is very cute and charming. They understand their master’s mind very well. They are always cheerful and happy. So, they give people a feeling of comfort them and make laugh. Third, a dog’s fitness is to live with people in the house. Their body is a suitable size to live in a house and they are strong against diseases. Dogs are not particular about food. Fourth, dogs help many people. For example, dogs can protect people and their houses from thieves or bad things. Next, dogs are trained by a dog trainer and can help handicapped people. A dog can become a good helper to a person who cannot hear, see or move. In conclusion, a dog is not just an animal but one of family. I'm sure that dogs are best friends for humans. Try to make your best friend.


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