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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My favorite animal

Yeo Sim

Lovely bears

My favorite animal is a bear. First, bears are very friendly. When I was young, my father presented me with a bear doll. I like a bear doll. I sleep with a bear doll in my arms, even now. When I see this bear, I remember my father. Therefore, I think bear are comfortably warm. Second, bear are sweet. My favorite animation character is ‘Pooh’. Pooh is somewhat a stupid animal but pooh is lovely. Finally, I like bears because they are strong. My favorite baseball team’s mascot is a bear. Team name is ‘Dusan bears’. This team is one of the highest ranking team, in Korea. So, I think bears are energetic and powerful animals. Bears give energy, happiness, and affection to me. In conclusion, I like bears.


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