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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My favorite animal

I like many animals. One of my favorite animals is a monkey for many reasons. There are so many animals in the world. So, I will describe about a monkey. First, I marveled when I saw a monkey at the zoo for the first time. Because of monkey walked up a tree. So, I was surprised. Second, monkeys look like humans when I saw him. For example, he has two hands and ten fingers. Sometimes, he walks on the road by two feet. Third, monkey is so cute. Also, they have a lot of charms. For example, they gave a smile when I was gloomy. And monkey is following me because they are clever. Finally, monkeys are just like me, because they have faster feet, smarter brain, and they are brave. In conclusion, a monkey is my favorite animal, and my best friend. So, I will love a monkey forever.


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